White + Winter

Post 6.

I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. “Do not wear white after Labor Day.”

But why? Am going to spill something on my clothes? Actually, I don’t need a specific day for that to take place. lol. Did the fashion directors of the world get together and impose another standard that we should just blindly adhere to? Either way I set out to not only wear white in the winter but to do it well. So check it out.


White is real clean, literally and figuratively. When I see a well put together white outfit, I know you took some time to think about how to lay this all out. So today’s look features white and neutrals.

SN: I did not cut off her face, the picture is online that way *shoulder shrug*

As we were. She has on white skinny jeans, a taupe embellished jacket and a grey shirt. Her shoes are somewhere in the grey family as well. So here’s my take on her look.


The white jeans are from, yes you’ve guessed it, Old Navy. I sweat them! They still need to get the fit together though because my waist is definitely not as wide as their jeans, le struggle. My blouse is from Forever 21. It’s more of a cream color, but it photographed closer to white. The leather jacket is from Wilson’s Leather and is a dark, heather grey.


The clutch is from ALDO and was gifted to me for my birthday almost five years ago and it is one of my favorites. The sandals are by Steve Madden. Another reason why I love living in the south, sandals in winter.


So ladies and gents, white after Labor Day is go! Actually, whenever you want it to be, its a go. So if you have a white outfit that you recreated send me your pic and the original and you can be featured.

Keep Pinning,


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