Denim + Denim

Post 5.

Before I start this week’s post I want to take some time and give honor to the beautiful, stylish and amazing Kryzayda Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez died earlier this year due to cancer, but did not let her sickness stop her from being exquisitely and effortlessly styled.

I stumbled across some of her outfits on Pinterest and she actually really inspired me to try these outfits in real life. So I guess, in part, I owe this venture to her and hopefully this recreation makes her proud!


When I was younger I was never a fan of denim on denim. I didn’t like the way that it looked and honestly I thought it was boring. Fast forward to 2018 when all-denim outfits are a regular occurrence for me. HA! I will say that I can only do it with different ‘shades’ or ‘tones’ of denim. But that’s just me.



This weeks outfit is simple, but still striking. A chambray button-up shirt (Old Navy) and skinny jeans (GAP). The shoes are tan d’Orsay heels (Jessica Simpson). The hardest piece for this outfit I would say was the plaid scarf. First of all, blanket scarves are not easy to tie ok?! lol. Secondly, I was able to find them in a lot of colors, except for the red. But the contrast between the denim and the red is what I like the most.


And what is a photoshoot without my favorite Ray Ban sunnies!


Is denim + denim your thing? Send me a picture of your recreation and I will post it!


Keep Pinning,


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