Fur + Leather

Post 7.

Hey Ya’ll. Holiday season is in full effect and with holiday parties come holiday outfits and I have got you covered. The next few posts will be focused on getting you ready for your next holiday soiree.


This week’s outfit is simple but eye catching. A brown vest, black leather pants, a black shirt and ankle booties. Featured accessories for this look include bangles and a simple necklace.


I recreated this look with pieces primarily from H&M however not acquired at the same time. The faux fur vest is both soft and very easy to layer. I actually went with a lightweight black turtleneck instead of just a shirt. My leather pants are actually leggings.  I have to be honest with you guys, I did not like these leggings. They ran big, and I was constantly pulling them up throughout the night. Not to mention it was not the comfort I have come to expect from leggings.

My ankle boots are from Old Navy, which you may have remembered from my Thanksgiving post a few weeks ago.


Have you tried this outfit? Send me your rendition to be featured on the blog.


Keep Pinning,



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