Denim + Denim

Post 5.

Before I start this week’s post I want to take some time and give honor to the beautiful, stylish and amazing Kryzayda Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez died earlier this year due to cancer, but did not let her sickness stop her from being exquisitely and effortlessly styled.

I stumbled across some of her outfits on Pinterest and she actually really inspired me to try these outfits in real life. So I guess, in part, I owe this venture to her and hopefully this recreation makes her proud!


When I was younger I was never a fan of denim on denim. I didn’t like the way that it looked and honestly I thought it was boring. Fast forward to 2018 when all-denim outfits are a regular occurrence for me. HA! I will say that I can only do it with different ‘shades’ or ‘tones’ of denim. But that’s just me.



This weeks outfit is simple, but still striking. A chambray button-up shirt (Old Navy) and skinny jeans (GAP). The shoes are tan d’Orsay heels (Jessica Simpson). The hardest piece for this outfit I would say was the plaid scarf. First of all, blanket scarves are not easy to tie ok?! lol. Secondly, I was able to find them in a lot of colors, except for the red. But the contrast between the denim and the red is what I like the most.


And what is a photoshoot without my favorite Ray Ban sunnies!


Is denim + denim your thing? Send me a picture of your recreation and I will post it!


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Sweater + Mini Skirt

Post 4.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll. I know it was a few days ago but I hope it was spent with family, friends and of course lots of food.

It was also the perfect opportunity for me to recreate an outfit. Yes while I was yet enjoying dinner, I was thinking about you. So, here goes.


My favorite color is black and I have been known to wear all black a majority of the time, but with fall here I can’t help but to want to continue include all the beautiful hues of changing leaves, including the olive green from my previous post. This week’s look features an ivory turtleneck, corduroy mini skirt in green and brown ankle boots.


I chose to do a white long sleeve t-shirt (Old Navy) which broke up the colors in the outfit. My open front sweater (Old Navy) is a beige color which can easily turn from a day time look to an evening one. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear sweaters and scarves all fall long. The green mini skirt (Old Navy)…ok are you noticing a trend here?!.. is actually velvet and features two front pockets which you can not really tell from the picture.


Can we talk about these ankle boots (Old Navy) for a second! I LOVE rose gold as a metallic. The block heel is easy to walk in and super on trend. These particular boots run in whole sizes, so if you decide to get a pair keep that in mind.  The blush color can also be used as a neutral for easy pairings in other outfits. And no fall outfit is complete without a pair of opaque tights. I will be honest with you, I do not remember where I got my black ones from, but I will say they are pretty easy to find.


Tried an outfit from Pinterest? Have a Thanksgiving outfit that you would like to share? Put your recreation and your original in the comment box.


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Vest + Plaid

Post 3.

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you. Without a dope ‘fit to show you. (cues Aaliyah). Shout out to my girl Natasha (hey girl!!) who is a faithful reader and swiftly pointed out that I was slacking last week. Alas, here’s a post to give the people what they want.

This week’s post is a classic look for fall. Layering doesn’t feel intrusive, mixing colors and print allows you to explore combinations that you wouldn’t necesarrily  try otherwise. All in all, fall is the best season for fashion!


So here’s my take on this super cute look!


Perhaps the best part of recreating a look is already having the pieces in my closet. My plaid shirt is from J.Crew. I originally bought it a few years ago for back to school professional wear, but here it goes making a nice comeback.

My olive green vest is from Target, the best place for all things. Olive green is slowly but surely becoming my ‘it’ color for fall. It has a way of making so many looks feel complete.


The outfit above is pictured with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, but I opted for lace-up block heel boots from ALDO. And a structured tote bag by Michael Kors which I gifted myself a few years ago for Christmas. Ideally I wouldn’t pair a green purse with a green vest, but the odds of having the exact same bag in my closet, I could not pass it up.


Have you tried this look? Take a picture and show me how it’s done.


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Leather + Tulle

Post 2.

This week’s post is a hard and soft look. An edgy leather jacket with a whimsical tulle pleated skirt. When I first saw this post on Pinterest my eyes were quickly drawn to it. Effortless fashion with very easy pieces to obtain.


Let’s talk pieces: My faux leather Jacket is by TopShop. The multiple zippers are giving me biker girl vibes. This particular jacket runs small, so be sure to size down if you go with this brand. I was going to go with a plain White T, but I was a greeter at church (shout out to Compassion Church) this week and what do you know, I kept it on as a graphic tee.

The pleated tulle skirt is from Target. I got it a few years back and didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. I’m glad that I didn’t get rid of it. While black is my favorite neutral and overall color, adding a touch of blush  brings out my inner child. Finally my ankle boots are by Vince Camuto. I love the contrast of the black leather and brown heel/sole.


My sunnies are my tried and true Ray Ban Wayfarers. You know when you find something that you love and reuse all the time. That’s how I feel about those glasses. Keep scrolling and you’ll see my mini-tote by Michael Kors, which I may or may not have borrowed indefinitely from my mom.


Have you tried this outfit? Or something close to it? Post your rendition in the comment box below.



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Sweatshirts + Skirts

Post 1.

This week’s post features a sweatshirt combination that I am particularly fond of. As the weather is beginning to change, I’ve been layering pieces without allowing them to become too bulky.

I knew this would be my first recreation because it felt very feminine although sweatshirts are seen as casual wear. Adding the heels just ‘up the ante’. The original post features a sweatshirt with multiple prints, paired with a pencil skirt and black heels.


A black skirt happens to be a staple in my closet, so all I had to do was grab that one out of the closet. Now, the skirt pictured above is a basic cotton blend skirt. To give it a little more of my personality, I opted for a faux leather skirt (H&M) with a split detail in the front. Giving the people a little leg. Ha!

The sweatshirt (H&M) I chose to use was also gray, but the embellishment was on the shoulder which gave me some color to play with when it came to the heels I went with. Here comes these oldie but goodie heels purchased from Nordstrom a few years back. STEVEN by Steve Madden.


I’m not huge on accessories because I like to let the clothes do the talking for me. Future posts will focus more on the details that help pull the outfits together. The Pinterest post does feature the model with hoop earrings and some sunnies, which I pulled from Target and Ray Ban.


I hope you’re inspired to pull together some of your favorite outfits from Pinterest too. Put your renditions as well as your original in the comment box, and you could be featured on the blog too.


*Photo Credits: Steven Jefferson*


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