Sweatshirts + Skirts

Post 1.

This week’s post features a sweatshirt combination that I am particularly fond of. As the weather is beginning to change, I’ve been layering pieces without allowing them to become too bulky.

I knew this would be my first recreation because it felt very feminine although sweatshirts are seen as casual wear. Adding the heels just ‘up the ante’. The original post features a sweatshirt with multiple prints, paired with a pencil skirt and black heels.


A black skirt happens to be a staple in my closet, so all I had to do was grab that one out of the closet. Now, the skirt pictured above is a basic cotton blend skirt. To give it a little more of my personality, I opted for a faux leather skirt (H&M) with a split detail in the front. Giving the people a little leg. Ha!

The sweatshirt (H&M) I chose to use was also gray, but the embellishment was on the shoulder which gave me some color to play with when it came to the heels I went with. Here comes these oldie but goodie heels purchased from Nordstrom a few years back. STEVEN by Steve Madden.


I’m not huge on accessories because I like to let the clothes do the talking for me. Future posts will focus more on the details that help pull the outfits together. The Pinterest post does feature the model with hoop earrings and some sunnies, which I pulled from Target and Ray Ban.


I hope you’re inspired to pull together some of your favorite outfits from Pinterest too. Put your renditions as well as your original in the comment box, and you could be featured on the blog too.


*Photo Credits: Steven Jefferson*


Keep Pinning,


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