Mini-skirt + Scarf

Post 8.

Heeeeeey Yah (cues Andre 3000). Family! It’s been a few weeks…ok fine…a lot of weeks since my last post. What is going on?! I have to be honest, having a blog is hard work. One of the things other bloggers have taught me is the importance of consistency, but life has been kickin’ my behind lately.

Nevertheless, I am back for your viewing pleasure.  And if you notice that I haven’t posted in a while, feel free to call me out. Your encouragement is definitely motivating!


My favorite accessory is a scarf. I mean the colors. Layering them. The warmth. Honestly it’s the best. So this week’s outfit features just that. She (the model above, whose head I did not cut off, Pinterest is playing, lol) is wearing a leather jacket, a patterned mini-skirt, black tights, and lace-up boots.


So here’s my rendition of the outfit. This black leather jacket is from one of my previous posts, from TopShop. This jacket runs big, so be sure to size down when purchasing. My scarf is from H&M. It is an infinity scarf, which I double looped. I can wear it long as well, but not for this ensemble.


My plaid mini-skirt is from TopShop as well. I’ll be honest, I can be a little apprehensive about showing my legs because I am usually self-conscience about it, but I felt really confident in this one. My black shirt is a mock turtleneck from H&M. And finally, my lace-up boots are from ALDO.

I showed this look with and without the leather jacket. The weather in Charlotte has been giving me springtime vibes so I was feeling myself and took off the jacket. peep that clear blue sky in the background.


Tried this outfit or something like it? Send me your look to be featured.

Keep Pinning,


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